Choosing Faith Each Day, Genesis

Day 3: Waiting and Praying

This morning, we went to church. My soul needed it. The songs and message spoke to me.  The scriptures were from Genesis, when Abraham was told that Sarah would have a son. Sarah was older, way past the years to have a child. Some guess she was around 90 years old. When she overheard that she would have a son in a year, she laughed. Nothing is too hard for the Lord, and his promise was fulfilled. She did have a son. God uses the people that nobody would expect, to show his almighty power.

“Is anything too hard for the Lord?”
–Genesis 18:14 (NKJV)

The Pastor reminded us that we should be asking God, how we can serve him. God is so great, he answers our prayers and blesses us, but are we doing his will? Or, are we asking him for what we want? We should be asking God each day, how can I serve you?

After church, we went home, had lunch, and headed back to the hospital. My mom was much better today. She know my husband’s name, my name and the kids’ names. She ordered her food correctly for dinner. I think she found ways to cope, by putting marks by the food she wanted for dinner. We even went for a walk and sat outside for an hour. The courtyard was beautiful. There were benches, flowers, a gazebo, and trees proving shade, and a gentle breeze.

My mom’s surgery is tomorrow. I know God is giving me peace in my heart, but I still feel a little edgy. I don’t know what to expect. Everything could go amazingly well, and she could maintain her current situation for the next two years or longer. Or, will a miracle happen? I totally believe in miracles. I have had miracles in my own life. What is God’s will? I pray that God’s will be done, and we praise him through whatever happens.


Dear God,

You are so good. I pray that your will be done. Nothing is too hard for the Lord. Praying for grace and peace for each of us who wait to hear the surgeon’s update. Praying for God’s perfect timing to get me there to hear the update and see my mom.


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