Stay Steadfast On Your Walk With God

Good Morning. Yesterday, I was chatting with another mom. Our kids are studying famous Black Americans in school. My daughter is focused on Harriet Tubman, and my son was assigned Nat Turner. She mentioned the death of Katherine Johnson. I remember seeing the previews for the movie, Hidden Figures. Katherine Johnson was a Mathematician and… Continue reading Stay Steadfast On Your Walk With God

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How Does God See Us?

Good morning. This morning I was encouraged at the bus stop. There is one child who does not care what anyone thinks about him. He has a good heart, and he is a good friend. He will belt out a song while walking, living in the moment. It makes me smile. Wouldn't it be great… Continue reading How Does God See Us?


I Pray That You Prosper In All Things

Good morning! I am trying to back to my routine after having yesterday off for President's Day. This morning, I heard the best news. A friend from church was worried that her cancer was returning, but the tests came back with no signs of cancer. This news made me happy and jolted me out of… Continue reading I Pray That You Prosper In All Things