Love and Praise

Day 15: Thanking God For His Mercy

My mom had surgery yesterday. They removed 78% of the tumor from her brain. It went well. We were able to see her last night. She was smiling and talking. She said that she felt so much better and wondered how long she had the tumor. Out of all the possible outcomes, this was a… Continue reading Day 15: Thanking God For His Mercy

Love and Praise

Let Praise Renew Your Spirit

Yesterday and today, I have felt exhausted. Drained. I felt like I have not had the strength to move. What is wrong with me? I have been tired. It was a busy month, and I feel tired emotionally and physically. This was a new thing. I felt like a sack of potatoes, dragging myself from… Continue reading Let Praise Renew Your Spirit

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I was complacent to the Lord, but the Lord did let me stay that way

Do you know any people that call themselves Christians and go to church occasionally on Christmas and Easter? Know any of them? I do. I was one of them. I would say that I was Christian, but I didn't read the bible or go to church very often. I grew up attending Catholic schools and… Continue reading I was complacent to the Lord, but the Lord did let me stay that way

Love and Praise

Praise God From Sunrise To Sunset

God is so good! God can deliver us from our greatest weakness. Everyone has weaknesses, but God can help us to be strong. We have to praise God all the time. On Sundays, when we go to church its easy. When we go to school, work and in the neighborhood, it can be harder. You… Continue reading Praise God From Sunrise To Sunset

Love and Praise

Love Has Power

The definition of hatred is extreme dislike or disgust. The definition of love is strong affection, warm attachment and devotion. The definition of love has adjectives describing the emotion as 'strong' and 'warm'. The definition of hate is short, hard, and to the point. The bible says, "Hatred stirs up strife". So, when you hate… Continue reading Love Has Power

Love and Praise

Thank God For Your Infinite Value

This week, I have seen several examples of children being led down the wrong path and exploited. In the news, there was a 9-year old child, dressed as a drag queen. The child was dancing in front of grown men with money being thrown at him. There was an article in Teen Vogue stating that… Continue reading Thank God For Your Infinite Value