God's Character, Love and Praise, Psalm, Trusting in God

Mediate On God’s Good Works

Sometimes, I find myself worrying about situations or people in my life. Some situations seem utterly impossible. I cannot imagine how it will possibly work out. These are the times, that I need to take a step back. God causes judgement to be heard from heaven. When God is angry, no one dares to stand… Continue reading Mediate On God’s Good Works

Choosing Faith Each Day, Isaiah

Day 6: Let Patient Endurance Have Its Perfect Result

We can plan as much as we want, God's timing will prevail. Yesterday, my mom's surgery was rescheduled again. There was a vehicle fire at the Ft. McHenry Tunnel in Baltimore. Unfortunately, it must've been bad, because people were taken to the OR. Prayers for all of those people. My mom's surgery was postponed again.… Continue reading Day 6: Let Patient Endurance Have Its Perfect Result

Isaiah, Trusting in God

God Can Make The Impossible, Possible

Last night, I watched the movie, "Breakthrough". Wow, it was an amazing testimony to the power of faith, prayer and God's almighty power. The movie was based on a true story and shows how God continuously works miracles in our lives, even now in 2019. Have you ever had a miracle in your life? I… Continue reading God Can Make The Impossible, Possible