Daniel, Love and Praise

Everlasting Kingdom

Some days I go through the day and feel surprised and confused at the world around me. I feel out of touch about the latest shows, trends and fads. Do you ever feel that way? I am trying to keep my eyes focused on God. I am trying to get better and improve myself. I… Continue reading Everlasting Kingdom

Daniel, Genesis, God's Character, Luke, Matthew, Psalm

God is Sovereign

What does the word sovereign mean? It means to have supreme power. God has supreme power over the universe. God decides. Not you. Not me. Only one person determines the outcome. God. Our God in heaven can do whatever he pleases. But our God is in heaven; He does whatever He pleases. --Psalm 115:3 (NKJV).… Continue reading God is Sovereign

Daniel, Hope and Peace

Seasons of Life

I often hear people talking about their season of life. My season of life cuddling my babies, bottles and sleepless nights has passed. In this season of my life, my kids are not toddlers anymore, yet they are not in double digits yet. In the season of my life, I am starting to deal with… Continue reading Seasons of Life

Isaiah, Trusting in God

God Can Make The Impossible, Possible

Last night, I watched the movie, "Breakthrough". Wow, it was an amazing testimony to the power of faith, prayer and God's almighty power. The movie was based on a true story and shows how God continuously works miracles in our lives, even now in 2019. Have you ever had a miracle in your life? I… Continue reading God Can Make The Impossible, Possible

Daniel, God's Character, Isaiah, Trusting in God

God Can Turn Around The Worst Situation And Use It For His Glory

Do you ever wonder why you have to walk through difficult times? It sure would be easier if God just stopped the situation, before it was all uncomfortable and awkward. It can be excruciating to go through a difficult time. You desperately want to control the outcome, but you cannot control it. Difficult times are… Continue reading God Can Turn Around The Worst Situation And Use It For His Glory

Nahum, Trusting in God

Revere the Power of God

When I see a lightning bolt flash in the sky and hear the rumble of thunder from above, I am reminded of God's almighty power. When I see the beauty of nature in the Grand Canyon, sunsets, oceans, and mountains, I am reminded of God's majesty. When I pray and the Holy Spirit fills me… Continue reading Revere the Power of God