Paul, Trusting in God

An Outcome Beyond Our Imagination

I don't know why I get surprised by the goodness of God. God does amazing things for us. When I let go of my worries and give them to God, amazing things happen. I worry. I get stressed out. I try and control the situation, which just gets worse. Then, finally, I truly let go… Continue reading An Outcome Beyond Our Imagination

Daniel, Trusting in God

Trusting God With the Outcome

This morning at church, the message was to trust God with the outcome. I really needed to hear this today. Two months ago, I found out that my mom has a brain tumor. She has stage 4 cancer. Her condition is declining. I have been so worried about my mom's upcoming radiation and chemo treatment,… Continue reading Trusting God With the Outcome

God's Character, Paul, Trusting in God

Love, Peace, Comfort and Patience

At this stage of my life, I am going through a difficult time. I am learning that the only way for me to get through hard times is to turn to God. We found out two months ago that my mom has stage 4 cancer, Glioblastoma, which is a brain tumor. It is hard to… Continue reading Love, Peace, Comfort and Patience

Paul, Trusting in God

Power In Truth

The ┬ábible is a powerful book. When I start my day, I remind myself to lay my worries before God. Through good times and difficult times, I always have concerns. I pray the Holy Spirit will tell me what I should know today, and I read the bible. The bible is the living word of… Continue reading Power In Truth

Paul, Trusting in God

God Will Bring Glory Through Suffering

On the drive home from seeing my mom, I was thinking about where I was five years ago. Five years ago, my husband was laid off from his job. I was working from home part-time. My kids were 2 and 4 years old. We had just taken our house off the market, because it didn't… Continue reading God Will Bring Glory Through Suffering

Daniel, Trusting in God

There Is No Need For An Explanation

Yesterday at church, we read Chapter 3 in the book of Daniel. Our pastor did a great job explaining it. Its an amazing story. Daniel's friends get thrown in a fiery furnace and come out unharmed. Not one hair of their heads was singed. It was a miracle. I was fascinated with their attitudes before… Continue reading There Is No Need For An Explanation

Paul, Trusting in God

Do not be deceived. Trust in God.

Have you ever met somebody who does not tell the truth? Or, perhaps stretches the truth at times to make a better story? If you are like most people, you have met someone who deceives with empty words. It may seem harmless to talk to these people, spend time with them and be friends. God… Continue reading Do not be deceived. Trust in God.