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Let Go of Earthly Wrongs

Forgiveness can be a difficult. If God can forgive us, we need to forgive others. Am I the only one that is hard for?  I can try and justify not forgiving others. It comes down to the words that Jesus said, if you retain and hold onto the sins of others, God will hold onto… Continue reading Let Go of Earthly Wrongs

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Prayer Warriors

There has always been joy and sorrow in the world. Right now, when I scroll through social media I see hurt, anger and pain. Now more than ever, we need to turn to God and pray. There are so many situations that seem insurmountable right now. With God, nothing is too great to overcome. When… Continue reading Prayer Warriors

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Every Nation, Tribe, Tongue, and People Will Be Singing God’s Praises Together

We are living in unusual times. Our church opened up yesterday. Of course, it is different. People had to sit at least 6 feet apart, and they had to wear masks, except for the singing. Kids under 10 are not allowed in the sanctuary, so we still have to watch services online. Church is a… Continue reading Every Nation, Tribe, Tongue, and People Will Be Singing God’s Praises Together

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Mighty Wonders

This morning I was feeling disappointed. Life didn’t go the way that I wanted it to yesterday. Does that mean that what I want will never happen?  I read the bible this morning, and I read about Daniel and his friends pure faith. Daniel’s friends walked through fire, because they believed in God. They believed… Continue reading Mighty Wonders

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The Truth Shall Make You Free

This morning I was thinking about things that I want to change in myself. I wondered if some of the changes were possible.  I opened up to the bible and read “The Truth Shall Make You Free”. At first I wondered, if I was being honest with myself. Am I lying to myself? Maybe I… Continue reading The Truth Shall Make You Free