Hope and Peace, Paul, Timothy

Nourished in the Words of Faith

This morning, I read the first book of Timothy in my womens bible study. I am mediating on one verse, "nourished in the words of faith". It sounds like we need the words of faith to live a happy, healthy life. A Good Servant of Jesus Christ If you instruct the brethren in these things,… Continue reading Nourished in the Words of Faith

Paul, Trusting in God

Power In Truth

The ┬ábible is a powerful book. When I start my day, I remind myself to lay my worries before God. Through good times and difficult times, I always have concerns. I pray the Holy Spirit will tell me what I should know today, and I read the bible. The bible is the living word of… Continue reading Power In Truth

Love and Praise, Paul

Look For Praiseworthy Moments

The book of Philippians is full of wonderful advice on how to behave as a Christian. I really love to read all of Paul's books in the bible. Each one is eye opening for me. We read the passage, "Mediate on These Things", last week at the women's bible study. Instead, of 'brethren', we said… Continue reading Look For Praiseworthy Moments

God's Character, Paul

You Can Be Filled With The Fullness Of God

Do you ever feel anxious or worried? Lately, I feel very anxious and worried. If I dwell on what is going on around me, I will be a nervous wreck. That is the exact opposite of what Christ wants us to do. God does not want us to worry about anything. The bible says, "Be… Continue reading You Can Be Filled With The Fullness Of God

Paul, Trusting in God

God Will Bring Glory Through Suffering

On the drive home from seeing my mom, I was thinking about where I was five years ago. Five years ago, my husband was laid off from his job. I was working from home part-time. My kids were 2 and 4 years old. We had just taken our house off the market, because it didn't… Continue reading God Will Bring Glory Through Suffering

Choices, Faith, Matthew, Trusting in God, Zechariah

My Tool Kit: Faith, Bible, Prayers

Do you ever pray and wonder if or when God will answer your prayers? I used to almost give myself a panic attack trying to figure out if God would answer my prayer and if so, when. I would become stressed and worried. I had no patience, because my faith was not strong enough. I… Continue reading My Tool Kit: Faith, Bible, Prayers

Hope and Peace, Paul

Peace, Strength and Hope

When we read God's words, we become enlightened, so we know hope. God invites us to have his glorious inheritance and great power for those who believe. God's almighty power was demonstrated when he raised Christ from the dead. God did not just raise Christ from the dead. Christ is now seated in the heavenly… Continue reading Peace, Strength and Hope

Choosing Faith Each Day, Jeremiah

Day 27: God Will Take Care Of All The Unseen Things

Today, my mom moves into an assisted living facility. I think she is ready to leave the hospital. I would be too, after almost a month! Today is Day 27 since my mom was taken to the hospital by ambulance. My mom's diagnosis was sudden and unexpected. I have had a month to process it,… Continue reading Day 27: God Will Take Care Of All The Unseen Things

Choosing Faith Each Day, Matthew

Day 25: Change Your Outlook

Have you ever heard that expression "Fake it, until you make it"? I think sometimes you have to change your mind-set to be successful. You have to honest and truthful with yourself. You have to believe in yourself. And, if you don't, you have to act like it, until you do. Most times this works.… Continue reading Day 25: Change Your Outlook

Choosing Faith Each Day, Hosea

Day 24: Bloom Where God Plants You

Have you ever seen that bumper sticker that says "Bloom where you are planted"? Today, as I read the bible verse in Hosea, I thought of it. I have planted myself in many places, but I was not happy. With the best intentions, relatives tried to plant me where my brother and sister grew. Although… Continue reading Day 24: Bloom Where God Plants You