Love and Praise, Psalm

Our Hearts Rejoice When We Seek The Lord

Good Afternoon Lovelies! I hope that your day is going well. Yesterday, was my son's birthday. Drum roll. He is now officially in the double digits. And just like that, today, he has already started acting like a teenager. Just kidding, sort of kidding. We had a great day yesterday. As the number of Coronavirus… Continue reading Our Hearts Rejoice When We Seek The Lord

Hope and Peace, Paul

Peace, Strength and Hope

When we read God's words, we become enlightened, so we know hope. God invites us to have his glorious inheritance and great power for those who believe. God's almighty power was demonstrated when he raised Christ from the dead. God did not just raise Christ from the dead. Christ is now seated in the heavenly… Continue reading Peace, Strength and Hope

Habakkuk, Trusting in God

The Lord God Is My Strength

I love my kids so much. I think they are amazing. There are so valuable to me. I get deeply hurt when others do things to make them feel less than what they are. I tell them they are loved. Worthy. Valuable. Worth more than anything that money can buy. Their value is infinite to… Continue reading The Lord God Is My Strength