Habakkuk, Peter

Faith Is More Precious Than Gold

I am so thankful that I now have a relationship with God. We have been through difficult times, and in those times, I found God. When we had nothing, God pulled us up and gave us everything, hope, love, peace and faith. We will go through various trials in life. This Coronavirus pandemic has certainly… Continue reading Faith Is More Precious Than Gold

Faith, Habakkuk, Hebrews

Keep Believing and Have Faith

This morning, I went to Trader Joe's in Ashburn, VA. I saw a box of ornament cookies with icing and sprinkles to decorate them. We used to make cut-out cookies with my mom every year. This year, she just finished 6 weeks of radiation and chemo pills for Stage 4 Glioblastoma, and she is at… Continue reading Keep Believing and Have Faith

Choosing Faith Each Day, Habakkuk

How Do You Want To Live?

Summer vacation is winding down, and we feel it! I cannot count the numbers of times a day that I say, "We do not walk on furniture", "Stop yelling". "Stop fighting", and "Stop picking on each other". It makes me weary. Saying the same thing over and over and over again. Right now, my son… Continue reading How Do You Want To Live?

Habakkuk, Trusting in God

The Lord God Is My Strength

I love my kids so much. I think they are amazing. There are so valuable to me. I get deeply hurt when others do things to make them feel less than what they are. I tell them they are loved. Worthy. Valuable. Worth more than anything that money can buy. Their value is infinite to… Continue reading The Lord God Is My Strength