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God is Bigger Than All the Criticisms, Doubts and Fears

Have you ever had a day where you feel like no matter what you do, it will be wrong in the eyes of others? I had a day like that yesterday. I was in a difficult situation, so I tried my best and did my best to handle it. Others did not like the way… Continue reading God is Bigger Than All the Criticisms, Doubts and Fears

Daniel, Love and Praise

Everlasting Kingdom

Some days I go through the day and feel surprised and confused at the world around me. I feel out of touch about the latest shows, trends and fads. Do you ever feel that way? I am trying to keep my eyes focused on God. I am trying to get better and improve myself. I… Continue reading Everlasting Kingdom

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God is Sovereign

What does the word sovereign mean? It means to have supreme power. God has supreme power over the universe. God decides. Not you. Not me. Only one person determines the outcome. God. Our God in heaven can do whatever he pleases. But our God is in heaven; He does whatever He pleases. --Psalm 115:3 (NKJV).… Continue reading God is Sovereign

Daniel, Hope and Peace

Seasons of Life

I often hear people talking about their season of life. My season of life cuddling my babies, bottles and sleepless nights has passed. In this season of my life, my kids are not toddlers anymore, yet they are not in double digits yet. In the season of my life, I am starting to deal with… Continue reading Seasons of Life

Daniel, Trusting in God

Trusting God With the Outcome

This morning at church, the message was to trust God with the outcome. I really needed to hear this today. Two months ago, I found out that my mom has a brain tumor. She has stage 4 cancer. Her condition is declining. I have been so worried about my mom's upcoming radiation and chemo treatment,… Continue reading Trusting God With the Outcome

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God Knows Our Hearts

Sometimes, I just want God to fix the things that I think are broken in my life. I am not looking at it the right way.  I need to surrender to the Lord and praise everything that he does in my life, even if its not what I thought I wanted. The Lord can answer… Continue reading God Knows Our Hearts

Daniel, Trusting in God

There Is No Need For An Explanation

Yesterday at church, we read Chapter 3 in the book of Daniel. Our pastor did a great job explaining it. Its an amazing story. Daniel's friends get thrown in a fiery furnace and come out unharmed. Not one hair of their heads was singed. It was a miracle. I was fascinated with their attitudes before… Continue reading There Is No Need For An Explanation