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Hold God’s Promises In Your Heart

This morning, I opened the bible up to Daniel, where he prays that God will help them interrupt the king's dream. It says that God reveals secrets. God knows deep and hidden things. We don't even know, what we don't know. He reveals deep and secret things; He knows what is in the darkness, And… Continue reading Hold God’s Promises In Your Heart

Daniel, God's Character, Paul

God Knows Our Hearts

Sometimes, I just want God to fix the things that I think are broken in my life. I am not looking at it the right way.  I need to surrender to the Lord and praise everything that he does in my life, even if its not what I thought I wanted. The Lord can answer… Continue reading God Knows Our Hearts

Daniel, God's Character

God Knows What Lies In The Darkness

Have you ever looked at your life and just felt overwhelmed? I feel that way today. I spent the morning trying to find a solution, trying to will myself out of my problems. It didn't work. It just made me feel, well, overwhelmed. Instead, I should have been praying to God. I should have gone… Continue reading God Knows What Lies In The Darkness