Daniel, God's Character, Paul

God Knows Our Hearts

Sometimes, I just want God to fix the things that I think are broken in my life. I am not looking at it the right way.  I need to surrender to the Lord and praise everything that he does in my life, even if its not what I thought I wanted. The Lord can answer… Continue reading God Knows Our Hearts

God's Character, Paul

God Can Be Glorified Through You

I am always amazed that God will take us where we are at right now. Would you make friends with someone that was always talking badly about you and trying to hurt you? Nooo, I would stay far away from that person. God's ways are not like our ways. God's ways are good and perfect.… Continue reading God Can Be Glorified Through You

Choosing Faith Each Day, Paul

Honor God By Taking Care Of Your Body And Mind

This morning, I opened the bible to an interesting scripture passage. It says that our bodies are a living sacrifice, holy, and acceptable to God. We should not be conformed to this world. We should be transformed by the renewing of our minds. We should be willing to take a look at our lives and… Continue reading Honor God By Taking Care Of Your Body And Mind