Paul, Philippians, Trusting in God

We Have an Eternal Purpose

Yesterday, I talked to a Grief Counselor at my church. I wanted to check in and make sure my children and I are handling the loss of parents in a healthy way. I have never talked to a counselor before, except when I was at my university looking for an internship. I feel so encouraged.… Continue reading We Have an Eternal Purpose

Habakkuk, Trusting in God

The Lord God Is My Strength

I love my kids so much. I think they are amazing. There are so valuable to me. I get deeply hurt when others do things to make them feel less than what they are. I tell them they are loved. Worthy. Valuable. Worth more than anything that money can buy. Their value is infinite to… Continue reading The Lord God Is My Strength

Hope and Peace

Believe This Truth, You Are Wonderful

It is cold this morning. There is a weather wind advisory. Its only November! I am so happy to be inside drinking hot coffee. I have been thinking about relationships this morning. Have you ever had a relationship where you have the best intentions and try to be kind and positive, yet another person still… Continue reading Believe This Truth, You Are Wonderful