Faith, Paul

Turn Them From Darkness to Light

Lately, I have seen Kanye West in the news for being a Christian. The number 1 song is "Jesus is Lord". I am not up on the latest trends, but I can get behind this one. How many people are seeing the song's name declaring Jesus is Lord? Wow, that is amazing! Every song on… Continue reading Turn Them From Darkness to Light

Paul, Trusting in God

An Outcome Beyond Our Imagination

I don't know why I get surprised by the goodness of God. God does amazing things for us. When I let go of my worries and give them to God, amazing things happen. I worry. I get stressed out. I try and control the situation, which just gets worse. Then, finally, I truly let go… Continue reading An Outcome Beyond Our Imagination

Choosing Faith Each Day, Hosea

Day 24: Bloom Where God Plants You

Have you ever seen that bumper sticker that says "Bloom where you are planted"? Today, as I read the bible verse in Hosea, I thought of it. I have planted myself in many places, but I was not happy. With the best intentions, relatives tried to plant me where my brother and sister grew. Although… Continue reading Day 24: Bloom Where God Plants You