Paul, Thessalonians

Practice Abounding Love

Good Morning! The weekend is almost here. I am not sure how we are 6 days into March already. But, here we are ready for Spring-like temperatures next week. I have been thinking about other people's opinions. Some people are extremely vocal about their opinions and views. Others quietly smile and nod, and you wonder… Continue reading Practice Abounding Love


Love is the Perfect Bond of Perfection

Happy Valentine's Day! I am so thankful for the perfect love of God. What does it mean to love and be loved? God's love for us is the perfect standard. Traits of Love: Tender mercies or sensitive compassion Kindness or grace Humility or modesty Meekness or being humble Longsuffering; bearing with one another or tolerant Forgiving… Continue reading Love is the Perfect Bond of Perfection

Corinthians, Jeremiah, Love and Praise

Your Life Is a Prize

Good morning! Valentine's Day is on Friday. Are you ready to celebrate love? Love is an important part of life. Love makes us happy. Love lights us up from within. In the bible, it says that you can have wisdom and knowledge and have everything, yet without love, you have nothing. Romantic love is pretty… Continue reading Your Life Is a Prize

Corinthians, John


Next Friday is Valentine's Day. My kids are excited to exchange cards with their classmates and eat cupcakes. It is all cute and fun. I had to look up the history of Valentine's Day. It seems to have involved Christians converting people, miracles of healing, bishops secretly marring couples and executions. I can't make this stuff… Continue reading Love

Love and Praise, Paul

Knowledge Puffs Up, But Love Edifies

We all have knowledge. Knowledge puffs up. I know some obnoxious people who think that they know everything. It can be painful to be around these people. It feels like a constant lecture, and it can be, well, boring. Instead, of impressing us with their knowledge, its irritating and condescending. After spending time with these… Continue reading Knowledge Puffs Up, But Love Edifies

Love and Praise

God’s Love Compared To Toxic Relationships

When you truly believe in Jesus, your heart changes. We still live in a world with everyone else, good people, bad people, believers, and unbelievers. I have to remind myself that God created me for a purpose. God considers me worthy.  There will be people in my life that will look down on me. I… Continue reading God’s Love Compared To Toxic Relationships