Hope and Peace, Jeremiah, Trusting in God

Hearts Overflowing With Peace and Goodness

Good Afternoon! So, it is day 14 of being home. The news is confusing. Is the country not doing enough to stop the spread of the virus? Or, is the country being too cautious? Did Virginia make the decision to close schools too soon? Yes. No. Maybe so? All this information is swirling around and… Continue reading Hearts Overflowing With Peace and Goodness

Hebrews, Jeremiah, Luke, Proverbs

Stay Strong In Your Faith

Good morning. It is official, school is out for the rest of the school year! Yesterday afternoon, we received the news from the Virginia Governor. I see questions all over Facebook. When will we get yearbooks? What about Prom? How will we get their school supplies? What about graduation? Our lives were halted by this… Continue reading Stay Strong In Your Faith


Search For God With All Your Heart

Good morning. I hope you are doing well. I think I am moving from the state of surprise about the Coronavirus Pandemic to a state of acceptance. If everyone stays home and self quarantines, this too shall pass. Will everyone follow the advice? Probably not. The Lord has been after us since he created us.… Continue reading Search For God With All Your Heart

Corinthians, Jeremiah, Love and Praise

Your Life Is a Prize

Good morning! Valentine's Day is on Friday. Are you ready to celebrate love? Love is an important part of life. Love makes us happy. Love lights us up from within. In the bible, it says that you can have wisdom and knowledge and have everything, yet without love, you have nothing. Romantic love is pretty… Continue reading Your Life Is a Prize


Turn Sorrow Into Joy at Christmas

Expectations are powerful. If you expect more of yourself, you can try harder, work harder and do better. Expectations can build you up. Expectations can also tear you down. When you expect others to behave or act in a certain way, and they do not, you can get angry or frustrated. I think it is… Continue reading Turn Sorrow Into Joy at Christmas

God's Character, Jeremiah

Let God Plead Your Case and Take Vengeance For You

Have you ever found out what somebody did behind your back? Hopefully, it was a good thing. I will treasure good surprises! Unfortunately, I just found out that family members were intentionally holding back information about my mom's diagnosis and treatment. Why? I guess they just did not want me there. The Lord did not… Continue reading Let God Plead Your Case and Take Vengeance For You

God's Character, Jeremiah

For the Lord is the God of Recompense

Have you ever felt like someone was out to destroy you? I don't mean like in a superhero movie. I mean a person that is systematically trying to break down your reputation, bit by bit. At first, it makes you angry. Then, it makes you sad. At some point, you just let it go and… Continue reading For the Lord is the God of Recompense