Choosing Faith Each Day, Hosea

Day 24: Bloom Where God Plants You

Have you ever seen that bumper sticker that says “Bloom where you are planted”? Today, as I read the bible verse in Hosea, I thought of it. I have planted myself in many places, but I was not happy. With the best intentions, relatives tried to plant me where my brother and sister grew. Although I am so appreciative of their support and desire to help me thrive, their places did not work for me. Why? I am not them. I am me. God has a unique plan for me. It took me awhile to realize that, but the fourth address later, I now get it. It takes me awhile, sometimes.

I tried to do what other people wanted, and I tried to do everything on my own. Both options failed. Finally, I did what God wanted me to do. I gave up control, and God planted me and my family in a new state. I have tried to live my life for others. I have tried to live my life for myself. Both ways failed. Now, I am trying to live my life for God, and its the happiest place that I have found.

When God plants you, you can blossom like a lily. Like a strong cedar, God will firmly plant your roots, so you can grow. You will grow and prosper splendidly.

I will be like the dew to Israel;
he will blossom like a lily.
Like a cedar of Lebanon
he will send down his roots;
his young shoots will grow.
His splendor will be like an olive tree,
his fragrance like a cedar of Lebanon.
–Hosea 14:5-6 (NIV)

I am in a place, where I am happy, although I still need direction. When, I wonder about being too far away from my mom in the hospital or assisted living facility, I have to remember that God planted me here. I will be fine. Better than fine. Splendid.

My sister-in-law gave me great advice. I cannot be there for my mom 100% and be there my family 100%, at the same time. I just have to do the best that I can. God planted me and my family here. I will bloom where God has planted me.

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