Choosing Faith Each Day, Proverbs, Trusting in God

Day 23: Let God Establish Your Plans

Today, my brother and sister moved my mom’s furniture and clothes into an assisted living facility. This is it. She will not live in her house anymore. I dreaded going there. I had knots in my stomach and felt a little sick. It is a beautiful facility. Its like a high end apartment with nurses, cleaners, chefs and laundry. After seeing it, I feel better, and also worse.

In 23 days, she went from living on her own to the emergency room, surgery, rehabilitation and now she has to live in an assisted living home. There will be nurses to give her medication. There are pull ropes in each room, in case she needs help. She cannot be alone anymore. So, just like that, everything has changed.

With all the prayer requests that I have, and there are quite a few requests in my life right now, I will trust God. I will trust the Lord to guide me and establish my plans. Whatever I do, God knows what is best.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
and he will establish your plans.
-Proverbs 16:3 (NIV)

I pray that God will continue to help me through this season of my life. I feel God’s comfort and peace. I am so thankful for my mom’s positive attitude. I know all the prayers contribute to the peace and positive attitude despite these life changes. I will let God establish my plans. I will give all my worries to the Lord, so he can work them out for his good.

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