Mark, Trusting in God

God Shows Up Completely For His Children

Good Morning! I live in Virginia, so schools are closed tomorrow for Super Tuesday. Everyone has an opinion about our current president. I wish that everyone spoke so boldly for Jesus Christ. The bible says that the gospel must be preached to all nations. With the internet and social media, this seems possible. Some people… Continue reading God Shows Up Completely For His Children

Hope and Peace, John

Peace is a Breath Away

Good Morning! It is a another rainy day here. I am looking outside at the two cute doves sitting on my deck. Whenever I see them, I know that God is watching over my family and me. During uncertain times, the Holy Spirit is a permanent sign of peace. I worry too much, if it… Continue reading Peace is a Breath Away


Turn To God With All Your Heart

Today is the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I thought it was timely that our Pastor read through the book of Joel. God wants our hearts, God wants us to turn to him with everything that we have inside of us. Do you ever feel bad after you make a mistake? I do. I feel guilty. I… Continue reading Turn To God With All Your Heart

Paul, Trusting in God

Power In Truth

The ┬ábible is a powerful book. When I start my day, I remind myself to lay my worries before God. Through good times and difficult times, I always have concerns. I pray the Holy Spirit will tell me what I should know today, and I read the bible. The bible is the living word of… Continue reading Power In Truth

Love and Praise, Proverbs

Love Has Power

The definition of hatred is extreme dislike or disgust. The definition of love is strong affection, warm attachment and devotion. The definition of love has adjectives describing the emotion as 'strong' and 'warm'. The definition of hate is short, hard, and to the point. The bible says, "Hatred stirs up strife". So, when you hate… Continue reading Love Has Power

Choosing Faith Each Day

The Holy Spirit Gives Us the Right Words

God wants everyone on earth to hear the gospel and make a choice to believe or not to believe. As Christians, it is our job to share the gospel. Some Christians lead such good lives, they set an example of the gospel by the way that they live. People should understand the reason behind their… Continue reading The Holy Spirit Gives Us the Right Words

God's Character

The Holy Spirit Warns Us Of Danger

Yesterday, I was reminded of just how powerful the Lord works in our lives. When we seek God and have a personal relationship with God, we will be protected. I don't know how many times God has protected me and my family. Thank you, God, for watching over us each day. Yesterday, a had a… Continue reading The Holy Spirit Warns Us Of Danger