Trusting in God

God Acts For Those Who Wait For Him

This morning I was so happy remembering family visits. It was so nice to have family that wants to spend time with you and goes out of their way to visit us. They traveled for many hours to see us. This afternoon, I was reminded of people close by that stir up descent and hostility.… Continue reading God Acts For Those Who Wait For Him

Love and Praise

Love Has Power

The definition of hatred is extreme dislike or disgust. The definition of love is strong affection, warm attachment and devotion. The definition of love has adjectives describing the emotion as 'strong' and 'warm'. The definition of hate is short, hard, and to the point. The bible says, "Hatred stirs up strife". So, when you hate… Continue reading Love Has Power

Choosing Faith Each Day

God Has a Place for Each of Us

The holidays bring festivities with people who may not normally be a part of your life. I mingle with neighbors, family, friends, friends of friends and my husband's co-workers. Tonight, I had an interesting encounter. A lady was trying to be competitive with me in a passive aggressive manner. She was telling me how she… Continue reading God Has a Place for Each of Us