Love and Praise, Proverbs

Love Has Power

The definition of hatred is extreme dislike or disgust. The definition of love is strong affection, warm attachment and devotion. The definition of love has adjectives describing the emotion as ‘strong’ and ‘warm’. The definition of hate is short, hard, and to the point. The bible says, “Hatred stirs up strife”. So, when you hate someone, all these unpleasant feelings come to the surface that can cause fights. You can feel bitter. Superior. Angry. All these emotions weigh you down. That is why Jesus told us to forgive others. All that hate and anger will make you physically sick. So, you have to let go of it all and give it  to God.

Love makes you feel warm, accepted, cherished. The bible says “But love covers all sins.” It feels great to be loved. A hug can make you feel all warm  and soft inside. It makes you smile. Even if you make mistakes, if you love others, your sins will be covered by your love. Everyone wants to be loved.

Hatred stirs up strife,
But love covers all sins.
–Proverbs 10:12 (NKJV)

Is it easier to hate or love? Hate is hard on your body. It makes you feel tense and angry and produces many unpleasant emotions. It is really hard to love someone who hates you. You start to feel their feelings and catch their bad attitude. It can be a mental battle to love someone who hates you. That is why we cannot do it alone. We need to ask God for help. God can fill us with the Holy Spirit and help us do things that we would not be able to do on our own. Love has great power to  cover up our sins. Try to love those who hate you.


Dear God,
I pray that you fill me with the Holy Spirit and help me do your good works. I am not strong enough on my own, but I can do all things through you. I pray that you give me the strength to do your will. God, help me love myself and others, when it is hardest to do so. I pray that the Holy Spirit helps me to treat myself and others with love and respect.

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