Turn To God With All Your Heart

Today is the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I thought it was timely that our Pastor read through the book of Joel. God wants our hearts, God wants us to turn to him with everything that we have inside of us. Do you ever feel bad after you make a mistake? I do. I feel guilty. I… Continue reading Turn To God With All Your Heart

Paul, Timothy, Trusting in God

Everyone Can Change

Right now, I am struggling. My mom has stage 4 cancer. She started radiation and a chemo pill last Friday. The prognosis for Glioblastoma is two years at the most with surgery, chemo pills and radiation. One day, I think that I accept it, and I am at peace. The next day, I feel overwhelming… Continue reading Everyone Can Change

God's Character, Paul

Everlasting Consolation

In the Fall, I cannot help but feel a little giddy over the changing leaves, a cappuccino (sorry Pumpkin Spiced Latte fans), sweater weather and wearing boots again. It is a joy to find pleasure in the little things and celebrate the changing of the seasons. Change can be scary, and it can be beautiful.… Continue reading Everlasting Consolation