Ezekiel, Isaiah, Proverbs

Thankful For All God Has Done

Happy Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love that we take a day to be thankful for all that we have. My favorite church service is the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving. People give testimonies about how God turned difficulties into testimonies of God’s goodness. Some stories don’t have happy endings, because they… Continue reading Thankful For All God Has Done

Ezekiel, Peter

God Patiently Waits For Us

Good Morning. We watched Sunday Services online today. Strangely, this is our new normal for an indefinite period of time. I feel like God is trying to get our attention. We were too busy with activities, work and stuff, that we did not have time for God. Now, we do have extra time. I feel… Continue reading God Patiently Waits For Us

Choosing Faith Each Day, Ezekiel

Day 26: My Advice Comes From The Lord

Have you ever met someone who feels obligated to tell you what do? I don't mean a teacher or doctor that is instructing you. I mean someone who looks at you and sums you up as someone that needs to hear her advice now. Unsolicited. Everyone loves that, right? It can be irritating, but you… Continue reading Day 26: My Advice Comes From The Lord