Choosing Faith Each Day, Luke

Day 7: Keeping My Eyes Focused On The Lord

Yesterday was another day full of unexpected news. My mom was released from the hospital on Tuesday and went home to my sister’s house. Yesterday, I called to check on my mom, and she said there were complications. Oh no. “What complications?” I ask. My mom said, not with her, with other sick people in the house. So, I find out that my nephew has C-Diff. He was throwing up blood and taken to the hospital. He was released from the hospital yesterday evening. So my mom can no longer stay my at sister’s house. C-Diff is a very dangerous infection for older people. My dad was in the hospital with it for a month, after his first chemotherapy treatment.

On the positive side, my mom is staying in her house again. And, my aunt flew in to stay with her. My mom is happy to see my aunt and stay in her own house again, because to be brutally honest, she may not be able to stay there again.

My brother spent the night at her house last night. She needs medication at midnight. I went over there this morning. She is doing well. She can walk around, go up and down stairs, and talk. Then, there are times when she is confused. I asked her where the gift bags were, and she said she didn’t know. I asked her if they were upstairs or downstairs. She said upstairs in the cabinet/drawer. So, I went upstairs and looked in every drawer. Not a gift bag in sight. I went back downstairs, and my mom was in the guest room with a drawer open. Ah, I said. You found the gift bags. Then later, my mom was standing at the washing machine, and I asked if she wanted to put clothes in the washer. She said yes. I said that they looked clean, and asked if she had taken these out of her suitcase. She replied that she had no idea. Okay. She is so pleasant, I am not mad or even annoyed. Its more like the reality sets in a little deeper, that this is the new reality.

Have you ever played the game telephone? A bunch of people gather together in a line. The first person is told something, and the phrase is whispered to the next person, and then to the next person. Then at the end of the line, the person has to say out loud what was heard. Sometimes its close to the original phrase, and sometimes its crazy and way off. Everyone laughs. There are people that like the dramatic, crazy responses, and there are people that honor the truth. As I found out today, that actually happens in real life. You say something with the best intentions, and it is twisted into something else. When it comes back to you, it sounds nothing like you said. Your heart drops. Why would somebody lie or ’embellish the truth’? I don’t know the answer. I am just keeping my focus on God, who will deal with the manipulative people. A person that is unjust in manipulating a small detail is also unjust with much. God can deal with them. I am going to keep my eyes focused on the Lord.

He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much.
–Luke 16:10 (NKJV)


Dear God,

I pray that you protect me and my family from those that wish to harm me. I pray that you keep my focus on how I can serve you. Praying for peace, comfort and not to get drawn into distractions or invitations that aim to cause discord. Praying to spend this precious time with my mom, serving and honoring you, God.


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