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8 Days Until Christmas

Good morning. There are only 8 days left until Christmas! We have a Santa Claus holding a chalkboard, and my 7 year old daughter changes the countdown everyday. Most days, I don’t even see her do it. She is like a stealth elf.


We have 8 days until Christmas! Today, is the first day that I feel better, after being sick for a month. School was closed on Friday and yesterday (Monday) for freezing rain and snow. There is so much to do. I am so thankful for feeling better again. I want to focus some time on getting into God’s word, so I can make the most of the 8 days before Christmas.

Is there anything holding my heart back from celebrating the birth the Jesus? Am I hanging on to any resentments or anger? It is time to let all of that go and focus on the goodness of Christmas. We can ask God to forgive us and take away anything that creates a barrier between us and God’s love. I know I create barriers all the time, that I have to work on breaking down. I pray everyday that God takes the barriers down and helps me focus on doing God’s will. Today, I give all my worries and troubles to God, so my soul will not be in distress. I pray that God will help me handle whatever comes my way and do his good will.

the man of God said, “Let her alone; for her soul is in deep distress, and the Lord has hidden it from me, and has not told me.”
– 2 Kings 4:27 (NKJV)

Praying requires perseverance. Answers and forgiveness do not always come easily. It can take patience and perseverance to understand what God wants us to do.

Two years ago, my son, whose middle name is Jacob, was worried about competing in a wrestling match. It was his first match, and he was 7 years old. I told him to open the bible and see what wisdom God had for him. He grumbled and ‘randomly’ opened the bible. He opened the bible to Genesis 34:22, entitled “Wrestling With God”. I still remember smiling at my son’s shock and surprise to see the title, “Wrestling With God”. He realized, that he needed to read it. In this passage, Jacob wrestled all night with a man. Jacob could not see his face, but it was God in the form of a man. Jacob would not give up, even though during the wresting match, his hip came out of the socket. Jacob would not give up, until God blessed him. God did bless him. God changed Jacob’s name to Israel, because he struggled with God and men and persevered.


And He said, “Your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel; for you have struggled with God and with men, and have prevailed.”
–Genesis 32:28 New King James Version (NKJV)

God took my son to this passage in the bible. He needed to know that he has to try and do his best. God knows if he is doing his best. We cannot give up. We must keep trying. This is how we should pray too. We need to keep praying consistently for those areas of our lives that need to be mended. And, we should pray for our family, friends and neighbors.

Jacob made mistakes. His walk with God was not perfect. The important part, was that he went back to God, and tried to make it right again. Jacob asked God for forgiveness. We can do that everyday too. We will not be perfect, no human ever will be. We have to accept our imperfections and ask God to help.

God can handle all our messy feelings and emotions. Nothing is too much for God. I think God would rather us be honest with him, so he can fully forgive us, and help us to do better next time. If we think that we know everything, there is not any room for God to step in and help us. I have plenty of room for God to help me, and I sure need it. God is always there waiting for us. We can go to God with anything, big or small. In the next 8 days before Christmas, I pray that we prepare our hearts for the gift of Jesus, born on Christmas day.


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