Stop, Listen, and Obey God

Good morning. I hope that you are well during this Coronavirus Pandemic. I have seen emotions all over the spectrum.

I think it is a time to stop and evaluate our lives and families. What does God want us to work on? What does God want us to improve? I think God has a message for each of us right now.

Do we need to change our ways? When we look at ourselves, do we need to amend our ways and obey God? We should always obey God. Maybe now we should stop and take the time to listen to God. Maybe now is our chance to change course and go in a new direction.


Now therefore, amend your ways and your doings, and obey the voice of the Lord your God; then the Lord will relent concerning the doom that He has pronounced against you.
–Jeremiah 26:13 (NKJV)

This Spring, there is a Robin that continually bangs against our windows. Sometimes he bangs so hard, we wonder if he knocked himself out. He doesn’t. We see him sitting in his nest, glaring at our sun room windows. We think he sees a reflection of himself and feels territorial. We put window clings and post it notes over all the windows, so he wouldn’t see his reflection. It doesn’t help. He tried to get the picture of the flowers for his nest. I nicknamed the bird, “Whack-a-doodle”, because he constantly whacks into our windows. My kids call him Whacka, Whacka.

Whack-a-doodle doesn’t change. We joke that he isn’t  too bright. He constantly does the same thing over and over, everyday, trying to get a different result. Everyday, he ends up just banging his head against a window.

I feel like, I do that too. I keep doing the same thing everyday, expecting a different result.

I should be quiet. I should stop all noise in my mind, and listen to the voice of God. It is so easy to keep my mind busy.

Maybe God just wants me to stop, listen and obey the Lord our God.

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