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God’s Power Reigns Forever and Never Fails

There have been many moments in the past year, when I felt uncertain about events in the world. 

It has been quite a year. A year ago, we just started hearing about Covid-19. The pandemic was looming, yet didn’t affect us yet. We had no idea what was going to happen. Store shelves would be empty, where pasta, toilet paper and Clorox wipes used to be. We would cancel our kids birthday parties and reschedule them, only to cancel them again. We would cancel vacation plans. Borders would be closed. We would work from home and no longer commute to work. We would be shamed, if we didn’t wear masks. Remarkably, our lives would change overnight into a brand new reality.

Sadly, many people have died from the deadly Covid-19 virus. Many people have also died from other untreated health issues too, because the world shut down.

In Virginia, schools closed last March and kids have not returned to their classrooms. They are learning virtually. Kids are depressed. Parents are frustrated. Mental Health cases have sky rocketed. Videos of parents stating their cases to the school board are going viral to figure it out and get kids back to school. 

When I look at the world, I see confusion, despair and fear. 

When I look up to the Lord, I see glorious blessings. Despite the circumstances around me, it is crystal clear that God is glorious. God gave our hearts peace and comfort during the past year. God opened up doors and opportunities, that we never imagined.

God can turn anything into a blessing. God used the strong faith of a young boy named David to defeat a giant with a sling shot and a rock. The giant laughed at him, before he fell down, defeated. God chose Saul (Paul), who persecuted Christians, to be a vessel to spread Christianity. God selects unlikely people to do his good works. 

Don’t you think that God can use unlikely events for his good too? I do. The pandemic doesn’t have to be a nightmare. God can change outcomes. God works on our hearts and changes our lives. 

Don’t put your trust in this world. Everything in this world fades away. God sees everything. Not a thought goes unnoticed by the Lord. 

that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.
1 Corinthians 2:5 NKJV

God knows his children. God protects them. Nothing happens in the world, without God letting it happen. God’s ways are not our own. God works things out for our good, in ways that we could never fathom. I put my trust in the power of God.

Don’t trust what you see, instead trust in the greatest power that cannot be seen, God. God will fight our battles for us. Those who think they are wiser than the Lord will fall like the Giant, Goliath. The power of God will reign forever and never fail us.

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