Turn Sorrow Into Joy at Christmas

Expectations are powerful. If you expect more of yourself, you can try harder, work harder and do better. Expectations can build you up. Expectations can also tear you down. When you expect others to behave or act in a certain way, and they do not, you can get angry or frustrated. I think it is… Continue reading Turn Sorrow Into Joy at Christmas

Paul, Philippians

Keep Up The Faith

Today was an emotional day. We met my mom at her doctor's appointment. Her 6 week radiation and chemotherapy treatment will be done on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. Nothing bad happened today. It is just emotionally exhausting. I cannot pretend, that she is the same, as she was three months ago. I try to… Continue reading Keep Up The Faith

Choosing Faith Each Day, Paul

Walk Worthy of God

As I go through difficult times, I find that I truly need to rely on God. Otherwise, I feel like I will fall apart. I feel like this blog is a letter of encouragement, affirmation and instruction to myself. God has put it on my heart to write it, so if even one person finds… Continue reading Walk Worthy of God