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The Lord Knows Those Who Are His

Some days the kindness of God overwhelms me. Puzzle pieces start connecting together in my head, revealing a tiny part of God’s plan, and I feel overwhelmed by the goodness of God. I cannot really express how wonderful it feels.

God can work in ways you would never imagine.

This is one example. Last Spring, my daughter (she was 6 years old) had a bad experience at a piano recital. She didn’t know where to start and the teacher did not help her. I remember how painful it was to watch, and I became angry, as tears formed in my eyes. At the time, I realized how strong my daughter is, when she held her head up high. She didn’t cry. She kept going. I was initially angry, then I realized that God had bigger plans for my kids. We stopped piano lessons for the summer. They started piano lessons again a few months later, with two new amazing teachers. It is a reminder to me that not all things that happen are bad.

Sometimes, we need to close one door to open a better door.

This morning as I was driving, I was thinking about how my perspective needs to change. When I am annoyed with events and circumstances, I have the wrong perspective. There is more than what I can see. I can only see a tiny puzzle piece of God’s plan. I cannot make sense of it, yet. I need to trust in God. When God reveals all of those puzzle pieces together, I am going to be amazed.

We read this yesterday in our bible study. I have been mediating on the verse below.

Nevertheless the solid foundation of God stands, having this seal: “The Lord knows those who are His”
–2 Timothy 2:19 (NKJV)

Do not worry. Do not be afraid. Nobody can harm us. No false word or accusation will hold up against those who trust in the Lord. God loves us and will hold us tight and comfort us.

The Lord knows those who are his.

God has a bigger plan. We may not yet understand his plan. God’s plan is there. Instead of being anxious, wait in joyful anticipation to see God’s plan revealed. God knows us fully and loves us. God has a great plan for our lives. God will not let us go. God will help us stand on a solid foundation.

Sing It Out

Known, by Tauren Wells

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