Paul, Timothy

Letting Go: No More Back-up Options for my Back-up Option

Boo! Today is Halloween! My kids go trick or treating every year. This year we planned to do something new. We planned to go to a Harvest Party at our church with rides, games and bouncy houses. God had a different plan for us. The party was canceled because of the weather forecast. It is supposed to rain with thunderstorms and a possible tornado. There will be no party tonight or trick or treating.

I remember when I used to plan out everything, with back-up options for my back-up option. I have come a long way in a few years. Each day, I am still working on being worthy of God.

When life does not go the way I hoped or planned, I believe that God is working on something better for me. Sometimes, I get so involved in my plan, that I don’t stop and listen to God’s plan for me. So, God has to get my attention. Instead of fighting it, I now try to let it go and pray about it. God knows what he is doing in my life.

God gives me understanding in all things. Instead of getting mad at something that I think is unfair or just do not like, I thank God. There is a bigger plan. I thank God for getting my attention before something worse happened. After I get mad and feel bad for myself, I see difficulties as opportunities. I pray. I ask God to guide me. The more that I do this, the more understanding I receive from God.

“may the Lord give you understanding in all things”
— 2 Timothy 2:7 (NKJV)

I now understand why born again Christians try to convert everyone. As I read the bible, I feel the goodness of God wash over me. It is so amazing. I want everyone to know this feeling. I cannot describe the peace that a moment of understanding gives me. I view the world differantly.

I am letting go of my back-up options for my back-up option. I am trusting God to guide me and give me understanding in all things.

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