Choosing Faith Each Day, Paul

God Will Never Fail Us

This morning I read Galatians. It was written around 50 A.D., which is 1,970 years ago. The prayer could have been written today. God is eternal. God’s goodness reigns over heaven and earth. Our troubles and worries go from generation to generation. We dress differently and technology changes, but evil continues to lurk around earth.… Continue reading God Will Never Fail Us

Paul, Timothy

Letting Go: No More Back-up Options for my Back-up Option

Boo! Today is Halloween! My kids go trick or treating every year. This year we planned to do something new. We planned to go to a Harvest Party at our church with rides, games and bouncy houses. God had a different plan for us. The party was canceled because of the weather forecast. It is… Continue reading Letting Go: No More Back-up Options for my Back-up Option

Love and Praise, Paul

Strive for a Crown

I flip through the Spring catalogs, and I love the clothes. The pastel hues are so cute. I want to buy it all. I wish that I was one of those people who say that they have everything they need. Honestly, I have everything that I need too. I still want stuff. Why can't I… Continue reading Strive for a Crown