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Let God Write His Laws In Your Heart

Good morning. The kids are back to school after a 4 day weekend. I am sitting here drinking a cup of coffee. My kids said that I should take a coffee challenge to see if I can stay awake the whole day, without drinking coffee. Hmmm, I do not think anyone wants to see me without coffee in the morning.

Coffee is a habit. It is a comforting and energizing part of my morning. When my kids go to school, I read the bible, write a blog post and drink a cup of coffee. It took awhile to create this routine, and now I miss it, when I don’t do it.

Every morning, I have to work on my relationship with God. The time is always well spent. I have never wasted a moment reading the bible in the morning. I have gained peace, hope and strength. I read God’s words in the bible and try to gain a deeper understanding of the words and how to apply them to my life. When I face difficulties, I remember the words. God puts his laws in our hearts and writes them on our minds.


“This is the covenant I will make with them
after that time, says the Lord.
I will put my laws in their hearts,
and I will write them on their minds.”
–Hebrews 10:16 (NIV)

Lately, I am finding myself in situations, where I must choose to honor God. It goes against everything I want to do, like get mad. Instead, my mind remembers God’s laws, and I pray to do God’s will.

We have to do what is right and just. We have to show mercy and compassion to others, even when others do not show mercy and compassion to us. We must show kindness and compassion to vulnerable people. All the plans in our hearts should be good in God’s eyes.


Then the word of the Lord came to Zechariah, saying, “Thus says the Lord of hosts:

‘Execute true justice,
Show mercy and compassion
Everyone to his brother.
Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless,
The alien or the poor.
Let none of you plan evil in his heart
Against his brother.’
–Zechariah 7:8-10 (NKJV)

God is pure goodness. Everything that we do should honor God. Others may think we are weak and stupid. Doing God’s will is never weak or stupid. It takes the Lord’s strength within us, to smile at your oppressors and remain silent, so God can deal out his justice. God sees our hearts. Let God write his laws in your heart. God’s mercy will reign. God will be pleased with us, protect us and give our hearts peace.

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