Good Words Makes Our Hearts Happy

Good Evening. My kids have been off school for over a month. Yesterday, online learning started, that will count towards their grades. We had to switch from our own homeschool schedule to a new one, combining everything together. I think we are getting better at adjusting to new situations.

Lately, I feel like some days are awesome. Other days feel like a roller coaster of emotions. I have remind myself to let go of control. God is in control. I just trust that God has a plan, and that he is working all things out for his good.

I can work on my thought process and examine where my heart is focused. Is my heart seeking favor with the Lord? Could I do better?

He who earnestly seeks good finds favor,
But trouble will come to him who seeks evil.
–Proverbs 11:27 (NKJV)

During this ‘Coronavirus Season’ as my son’s friend called it, there have been times with anxiety. The bible says that anxiety causes depression. God does not want us to be depressed. God wants to take all the anxiety from us.

Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression,
But a good word makes it glad.
–Proverbs 12:25 (NKJV)

The bible said that a good word makes the heart glad. We should focus on vocalizing all the good things happening. Keep saying that words, until our hearts are singing God’s praises with pure joy!

Sing Your Praises

Yes I Will by Vertical Worship


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