Choosing Faith Each Day, Proverbs

God Works On Our Hearts

It has been a few months, and so much has changed. My husband and I received Covid-19 vaccinations. The world is opening up. We are allowed outside without masks and in some indoor places. At first, it was scary to go back out in the world, now it is refreshing. It is like a second chance at life, after being confined to our houses for over a year. 

When everything is going well, it is easy to take life for granted. Instead, I learned that the easy breezy times are the times to equip yourself with scripture verses, so you are armed and ready for the bumps in the road. Our pastor’s wife said to read the Proverbs of the day, so tomorrow’s Proverb is Proverb 21, since it is May 21. This Spring, I attended an online Zoom bible study that read through Proverbs. Our bible study leader said that when she doesn’t know what to pray, she prays bible verses. I love these methods. The bible is God’s living word, so you can read the same scripture verses many different times and get new insights each time. 

I read this verse, and it really spoke to me. God can judge our hearts. God can weigh our hearts on a scale, and then he can help us balance it.

“Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, But the Lord weighs the hearts.”
—Proverbs 21:2 NKJV

I have been praying this prayer based on the scripture verse. 

Dear God,
I pray that you weigh and judge my heart. I pray that you convict me in the areas that I need to improve. Show me what I need to change and help me change. I pray that you fill me with the Holy Spirit to make changes within myself and that the Holy Sprit makes me strong in my weaknesses, so I can be a better person and do your will.

God can change things that I almost gave up on. God can change outcomes. I have struggled with some things my entire life. Even in my 40s, God can show up and change me. I read the stories in the bible and wonder at the miracles for others, thinking it would never happen for me. Then, God shows up and works miracles in my life. 

You are never too young or old for God to work on your heart!

3 thoughts on “God Works On Our Hearts”

    1. At church, a man in his 70s traveled across several states to get baptized. I loved that he was among people of all ages, young to old, to get baptized. God never stops working on us. 🙂

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