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I Have Hope In God

Happy Monday Morning!

School has been closed for almost 3 weeks. Our breakfast room is surrounded by windows. There is a robin that keeps banging against our windows. At first, we thought that he wanted food. It happened so often, that we did some research on the robin’s behavior.


It turns out that male robins see their reflections, and want to defend their territory. So, our robin friend keeps seeing his reflection and banging into our window and doors throughout the day, fighting an imaginary threat, literally created by his reflection.

This morning, I thought aren’t we like the robin? Instead of trusting in God to protect us and keep us safe, we fight imagined threats against us. We look around the world and see all that could be attacking us. Shouldn’t we be putting our trust in God for the all ways he has protected us and will protect us?

Right now, the Coronavirus is attacking us. People are dying. We are quarantined inside our houses. We can live according to the world that we see, or we can put our faith in the Almighty One that created the world that we see, as well as all the secrets in the heavens.

We can trust in God, our protector to keep us safe and watch over us.


“I will put My trust in Him.”
— Hebrews 2:13 (NKJV)

When the world is an uncertain place to live, I have hope in God. I will put my trust in the Lord through good times and bad times.

I have hope in God
–Acts 24:15 (NKJV)


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