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I Have Hope In God

Happy Monday Morning! School has been closed for almost 3 weeks. Our breakfast room is surrounded by windows. There is a robin that keeps banging against our windows. At first, we thought that he wanted food. It happened so often, that we did some research on the robin's behavior. It turns out that male robins… Continue reading I Have Hope In God

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How Does God See Us?

Good morning. This morning I was encouraged at the bus stop. There is one child who does not care what anyone thinks about him. He has a good heart, and he is a good friend. He will belt out a song while walking, living in the moment. It makes me smile. Wouldn't it be great… Continue reading How Does God See Us?

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Shock Value

People love to hear a shocking new scandal. A scandal will catch the attention of friends and neighbors and gossip will be shared pondering what could have possibly happened. It is hard to surprise anyone, with the incessant social media posts, tweets and photos. It seems like we always hear about the bad, shocking news… Continue reading Shock Value