Enemies Will Be Swept Away Like Dust In The Wind

We can make plans. We can form armies of the most capable soldiers in the world. We can plan, set-up and prepare our lives to go down a rigid path. We can plan every detail. But, if our plan does not match God's plan, then it is not going to happen. We can accept that… Continue reading Enemies Will Be Swept Away Like Dust In The Wind

Faith, Trusting in God

Stand Firm in Your Faith

Have you ever had a negative encounter with someone from your church? I have. I wondered how she could consider herself a Christian after she acted that way? How can a Christian gossip against you? How can a Christian betray you? I love Jesus, and I believe that he died on the cross to forgive… Continue reading Stand Firm in Your Faith

Faith, Luke

Do I Deny Knowing Jesus?

The Easter season is upon us. Lent starts in two days. I grew up Catholic and attended Catholic schools. Easter is late this year on April 21st. Growing up, we always observed Lenten practices. The first day of Lent marks the 40 days before Jesus died on the cross. It starts on Ash Wednesday and… Continue reading Do I Deny Knowing Jesus?