Trusting in God, Zephaniah

God Never Fails

Good Morning. The Coronavirus precautions are starting to be implemented. Universities are going to have online classes. The county adjacent to ours is off school on Monday, so they can plan remote school options for elementary, middle and high schools. Most stores cannot stock the shelves fast enough. I have never seen anything like it.… Continue reading God Never Fails

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Pray More, Worry Less

I started the day thankful for a fun time with friends yesterday. Then somehow, I started thinking of all my worries They started piling up. I can only see what is in front of me. I can hope, wish and dream for what I think I want. And, I can pray. I can pray that… Continue reading Pray More, Worry Less

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I was complacent to the Lord, but the Lord did let me stay that way

Do you know any people that call themselves Christians and go to church occasionally on Christmas and Easter? Know any of them? I do. I was one of them. I would say that I was Christian, but I didn't read the bible or go to church very often. I grew up attending Catholic schools and… Continue reading I was complacent to the Lord, but the Lord did let me stay that way